You And Me Will Always Be Us

My mom has been the biggest inspiration to me, she raised me for a lot of my life by herself as a single mom before she met my stepdad. But she has been my rock and the one who pushed me to keep chasing my dream of playing and singing country music, which led me to moving Nashville. I would not be the person I am without her and I am a better person because of her and the way I was raised. It is because of her that I am here at all because she adopted me when no one else wanted me and I have this life because of her. This picture was taken right before I left to go to LA for Season 20 of NBC's The Voice. But yes, this is US and funny enough "Home and a Hometown" has kind of become our song because it speaks so much to me and has become my anthem for my small town in Illinois and my home here in nashville now.